Rydbergs Ur - Klockor och smycken sedan 1904

Realizing world-class precision with in-house technology and skills

Since it was established in 1960, Grand Seiko’s history has exemplified perfectly the concept of the “Michi” or “the way”. Every Grand Seiko watch ever made has been as precise, as beautiful, as durable and as practical as each generation of Grand Seiko’s watchmakers could achieve and each has built upon the advances and innovations of its predecessors.

Today, Grand Seiko is true to these ideals and accepts its inherited responsibility to rise to new challenges in every aspect of watchmaking. For over six decades, Grand Seiko has used its craftsmanship, ingenuity and skills to make watches that express the uniquely Japanese aesthetic of the “Michi”. The journey towards perfection continues.


Japan Seasons Special Edition

Studio Shizukuishi opening ceremony

Alive in Time

Japan Seasons Special Edition

Two locations in Japan, two studios and three movements

The Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi is located in the mountainous area of Iwate prefecture in Northern Japan while the Shinshu Watch Studio is surrounded by the beautiful mountains and lakes of Shinshu in the center of the country.

While having different locations and histories, the two studios are equally committed to the same, strict standards of Grand Seiko’s philosophy of manufacture and every detail from development, design and manufacturing to assembly and adjustment is meticulously planned and conducted in-house.

Three types of movements are used in the Grand Seiko collection:

ーfrom the Hi-Beat 36,000 to 28,800 vph.

Spring Drive
ーbringing together mechanical and electronic watchmaking for the best of both worlds

ーExclusive quartz movements with uniquely high functionality

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